Where We’ve Been

2019 solidified PACE’s role in the field of civic philanthropy and positioned us to work toward our new vision for 2020 and beyond.

Where We're Going

PACE’s strategic direction for 2020-2022 builds on our strong tradition of cultivating fellowship and learning, and deepens it by making our learning an active, participatory, and actionable process.

  • 如何上youtube网站 2019 PACE Annual Reflection
  • Bridging Civic Divides
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  • 手机如何看youtube Civic Language Perceptions Project
  • 免费上youtube加速软件 Democracy Primer
  • The Impact of Youth Civic Engagement on Community Health, Safety, and Equity
  • Infogagement: Citizenship and Democracy in the Age of Connection
  • Civic Engagement Primer
  • New Resource Urges Foundations to Think Beyond Immediate Crisis Response
  • Avira PC 优化助手,您的免费电脑清理工具:PC 清理工具:免费下载我们的 Windows 清理软件 立即免费获取 Windows 清理工具,提升机器性能。Avira 优化助手适用于 Windows 7、Windows 8 和 Windows 10。立即下载!如需全面清理及更高的性能和防护,请查看我们专业版的高级功能。
  • Imagination Sprints
  • Faith In/And Democracy: Resources
  • Faith In/And Democracy


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